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Product Modeling For Augmented Reality

Product Modelling for Augmented Reality is the present and future of e-commerce.


It improves the viewing experience, allowing customers to see the product in detail and try it in any environment. In fact, it blurs the line between brick-and-mortar and online shops! So major product companies, as well as e-commerce platforms are adopting the Augmented Reality.


As a result, they attract more clients, boost visitor-to-client conversion, and reduce return rates.


The key to success is high-quality 3D modeling

2. Crystal Sofa Angle 3.jpg
3D Face Parts

Low & High-poly | AR 3D Modeling

3D modeling is key to benefiting from cutting-edge e-commerce solutions. 


It comes in 2 types:

1. Low-poly 3D modeling: needed for interactive online tools. Like 3D configurators allowing buyers to customize products in real time, or VR and AR-based apps showing what the product will look like in real life.

2. High-poly 3D modeling: required for the creation of photoreal marketing materials, such as silo and lifestyle renders, product animation, 360-degree spins

3D Product Rendering

Grab customers’ attention with photorealistic 3D product images in:

  • different angles 

  • white background

  • zoom shots

With 3D rendering, you don’t need to go through photoshoots in order to get top-quality imagery.


We help our clients with amazing marketing visuals

Product Render.jpg
Life Style Render 3 Seater Sofa.jpg

3d Lifestyle Rendering

Lifestyle 3D Rendering helps online businesses show buyers how their products look in context.


And there are no limits as to how creative, luxurious or simple, cheerful or solemn a lifestyle can be.


Moreover, a business can choose to put every product from the collection in a variety of scenes and get amazing imagery without a single photoshoot.


All these 3D renderings will be consistent in visual impact, style, and atmosphere

Closeup Product Images

Showcase the beautiful detailing and luxurious materials of your design with closeup 3D product images.


Being able to virtually touch the fabrics, or appreciate the grains is a rare opportunity when it comes to e-commerce.


Let the customers see your approach to the product quality.

Zoom 1.jpg
product show it better.jpg

360° Product View

Transform your 2D images into 3D on the website – let the customers view your product from all the angles, like in a brick-and-mortar store.


Moreover, this is a great opportunity to test the market before investing into production.

3D Product Animation

The development of manufacturing technologies lead to the emergence of products with complex functionalities.


Demonstrating all the functions and features of such items to the customers can be difficult.


It clearly calls for a special approach. Our solution is video – 3D animation.


This is the easiest and most persuasive way to show the principles of work, transformation and usage features.


As a result, it significantly increases sales

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Why 3D Product Rendering is Necessary?

An E-Commerce' success depends entirely on these two things:


A leading E-Commerce site will be full of marketing material with enviable set-ups with hundreds and thousands of products, and 3D rendering makes it all possible.

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