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India's top 15 Architectural Firms

As a 3D visualization Studio and having worked with several architects and interior designers, we have compiled a list of 15 architects that consult on and design for the construction of buildings, bridges, railway stations, parks, apartment complexes, malls and other structures.

Mathroo Associates : If you really want to learn what is the best way to build contemporary residential architecture with focus on concrete finishes, wood and details. Mathroo associates is one of the best firms in residential architecture.

Morphogenesis : Morphogenesis is into generative design and algorithmic modelling, They are best in India in terms of pursuing architecture in energy efficiency and optimization of resources is mostly every typology.

Lotus Design Studio : The Studio is very much into experimentation with well everything. They have produced exceptional designs for hospitality and offices with a fresh perspective.

SP + A : Based out in Mumbai, Architect Sameep Padora has redefined the definition of modern residential and commercial architecture in India. Use of natural forms and passive design principles are one of the USP’s.

Hafeez Contractor : Recognized as one of the top architects in India, Hafeez Contractor has made a global name for himself and his company, which he has named after himself. Started in 1983, the company has designed some of the most impressive and award winning structures in India including Mumbai’s Hyatt Regency, Infosys buildings in Pune, Mysore and others, and the Birla Institute of Technology & Science in Pilani. The architect has been known to change the skyline of Bombay.

SPASM : Spasm is one of the best practices in India and East Africa. They have a unique touch of ornamentationless, elegant and striking architecture. The importance of on site and off site factors are the reasons they have a beautiful portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed use development.

Studio Symbiosis : Coupling vernacular principles with a calculated and optimized forms in design, SS has designed some of the best master pieces of modern Indian architecture. They have a very strong sense in generative design through various algorithmic modelling tools. They specialize in almost everything.

Sanjay Puri Architects : SPA based in Mumbai is another firm specializing in modern architecture. Focusing on sustainable and innovative solutions for design based problems. They have a amazing portfolio of hospitality, residential, commercial and specially interiors.

Creative Design Group : Based out in New Delhi, CDG has very well modernized how airports are perceived. They have a varied portfolio of Airports, Stations and other mass transit facilities. As India has highest footfall in every transit facility, they have designed masterpieces in the typology in terms of space planning and forms.

C.P. Kukreja Associates 

Based in Delhi, C.P. Kukreja is one of the top architect companies in India. It is involved in consulting in the areas like town planning, urban building and landscape design, and quantity surveying. The company has won several national and international awards for its architectural designs.

Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

Founded in 1972, Kembhavi is a renowned architecture firm in India, specializing in environment friendly constructions. It offers a range of services including structural engineering, architectural designing, infrastructure project management and interior designing.

Shilpa Architects 

Founded in 1979, Shilpa Architects is a multinational architectural company in India with offices in Seoul, Chicago, New York and Chennai. This award winning firm specializes in environmentally sustainable structural designs. Its portfolio has structures like the Reserve Bank of India, Paranur Railway Station and Radisson Hotels.

Talati & Panthaky Associates

TPA, established in 1975, is one of the oldest architectural companies in India. Its services include architecture designing, construction supervision, urban planning and interior designing. Over the years the company has won several awards for its designs. Its previous projects include Jindal Mansion, Palais Royale, and Birla Group Corporate Building.

Manchanda Associates 

Founded in 1993, Manchanda Associates is an architectural consulting firm that specializes in urban, health care and environmental construction planning and design. The company has experience in designing hospitals, industrial buildings, corporate offices, and housing complexes.

N.M. Roof Designers Ltd. 

N.M. Roof Designers is a famous architect company in India. It deals with consulting and designing infrastructural projects like bridges, factories, apartment complexes, malls and other buildings. The company was established in 1986 and has since done remarkable work in the structural and construction designing fields.

Disclaimer : This list is our personal opinion, Your thoughts are welcome.

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